Our story

Building on our excellent reputation

Formed nearly 25 years ago, Parker Ceilings has grown into one of the most recognisable and respected names in the construction industry and allied trades. We have always aimed to provide a high benchmark of design and installation services in order to build on our excellent, but hard earned, reputation.

Our experience means that our design and build teams have the expertise to offer the best possible advice on materials, acoustics, insulation and environmental issues, always delivering the finished solutions on time and within budget. From simple solutions to hand-built, majestic sweeping curved structures and grand atriums, our highly skilled draughtsmen can create and realise remarkable yet buildable and affordable structures which are truly unique to you.

State of the art techniques

We always strive to be in the vanguard of changing technology and methodology and are therefore more able than most to incorporate new types of cabling infrastructure and services such as natural lighting and ventilation.

Recent projects have included everything from functional office interiors to spectacular sculptured ceilings across a wide range of installations from airport terminals and sports arenas to industrial units and hotels.

Parker Ceilings work both as a direct contractor and as a second tier installer supporting other principal contractors. In either case we are meticulous in our efforts to maintain our own good name and that of the principal. We work around structural obstacles and utilities, striving to maintain the most effective working relationships with mechanical services, electrical contractors, etc.

Our accreditations